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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of security products (access control, access gates, parking lots, security inspection machines, ID cards, attendance, etc.) in the Zhejiang region;

2. Responsible for developing customer resources in the industry in the region, and proactively looking for sales opportunities;

3. Responsible for undertaking various security engineering projects, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with major customers and integrators, and completing the sales targets assigned by the company;

4. Responsible for the signing, performance and daily sales of sales contracts, as well as coordinating and handling various market issues, assisting in handling customer feedback issues, and completing various daily sales reports required by the company in a timely and accurate manner;

5. Understand market information such as sales strategy and price system of peers and nearby banks;

6. Responsible for cooperating with leaders to complete various tasks.

Salary and benefits

1. The company implements a 7.5-hour working day, and gives generous performance bonuses to outstanding performers every month;

2. Once hired, all employees enjoy the benefits of "five social insurances and one housing fund";

3. In accordance with national laws and regulations, enjoy the Spring Festival, October, and statutory holidays, as well as the annual leave (accumulated years of work), maternity leave, paternity leave, etc. specified by the state;

4. 1-2 salary adjustment opportunities per year;

5. Hold a birthday party every month and send birthday gifts;

6. Monthly departmental activity fund (used for usual leisure activities such as gatherings, singing, watching movies, etc.);

7. Annual meetings, dinner parties, performances, and lucky draws are held every year.

Entropy Technology is looking forward to your joining!

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